CLAE - Canadian League Against Epilepsy

Past CLAE Presidents

1977-79 Juhn Wada
1979-81 Norman Auckland
1981-83 Henry Dunn
1983-85 Warren Blume
1985-87 Frederick Andermann
1987-89 Allan Sherwin
1989-91 Joseph Bruni
1991-93 Alan Guberman
1993-95 Mark Sadler
1995-99 Richard McLachlan
1999-01 Michael Jones
2001-03 EloutStarrveld
2003-06 Sam Wiebe
2006-08 Lionel Carmant
2008-10 Richard Wennberg
2010-12 Sharon Whiting
2012-14 Nizam Ahmed
2014-16 Nathalie Jette

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